Book Overview

Held Hostage by a Stranger is the story of Fatimah Mahassan Jackson and how she walked with God. For her, being led by God and how every footstep is ordered was a phenomenal situation. It will bring you to tears and keep you in awe because it proves time and time again that GOD never fails us. The book describes how GOD uses people, places, things, dreams, situations and circumstances to take us where we have never been before; to the land of our Father who reaches out to us with every step we take and every move we make to ensure we stay on track. How much do we really understand about being in GOD’s will?

This book tells of a woman who struggled with many different things in life. Why do we lose hope or whatever it is inside us and therefore ending peace and joy in our lives?

This book tells of encouragement, guidance and love, trials and tribulations, agony and happiness. It helps us to get back from falling into our deepest hole and live the life we are destined to live.